WITR Radio — a vibrant music brand without a visual identity to match. Serving as the secretary and subsequently the General Manager of RIT's college radio station, I took it upon myself to develop a brand identity for the organization. With a growing public presence and the opening of a brand new studio, it was crucial that the station began presenting itself with a recognizable and cohesive brand.


WITR Radio


Branding, Illustration

The Pulse of Music Brand.

I worked with another designer to create a style guide for the organization. The identity standards were developed to reflect the boldness, dynamism, and vibrancy of the people and music of WITR Radio. In my tenure at the station, I have overseen the implementation of these brand guidelines across all of WITR's media.

Office Signs

I focused branding efforts not only externally with recruitment posters but internally with station signage. I wanted station members to begin internalizing the brand, understanding that our music, visual aesthetic, and station culture all contribute to WITR's overall brand.


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Don't Stop (Color on the Walls)

I expanded the branding efforts to WITR's new studio, designing a wall that would expand across two walls. The mural roughly depicts the history of WITR and its DJs when viewed from left to right. The mural has added an energy and life to the otherwise sterile white walls. It also provides embedded branding when promotional photos are taken of band interviews and sessions inside the studio.

Social Media

Bringing the brand to the masses

When designing the brand, I worked to provide a directed yet flexible standard for the station's promotions. This was intended to allow future graphic designers of WITR the opportunity to experiment and have some creative freedom while still presenting WITR as a cohesive and recognizable brand. This flexibility of the brand can be seen in the different promotional graphics I've created for the station's social media. 

Teaching newbies the WITR way

To further the idea of a continuous, sustainable brand, I created a guide for new members of the station. With this guide, I tried to capture the culture, personality, and spirit that is WITR and develop a unified mentality among and new members.