Just whistle while you walk? Bringing adventure to your TV bumper. Exploration Station is a fictional television station focused on travel, science, and discovery. Its programming is intended to be educational, yet fun and accessible to both children and adults alike. I created a quirky and whimsical bumper capturing the overall tone of the station.


Class Project

3 Weeks, Spring 2016

Concept, Illustration, Animation

Discovery starts here.

The narrative is heavily character-driven, following the same character through a series of diverse landscapes. The changing environments are intended to tease at the breadth of shows and topics covered by the station's programming. Despite the short length of the piece, I hoped to create an emotional investment between the viewer and the character as he cheerily went about his journey.

Logo Generation

Branding the station

The inspiration for the logo was pretty straightforward. I used a globe icon to represent travel and/or science. I then placed the globe icon within a location icon to convey the concept of bringing discovery to wherever the viewer is. I worked through several interactions in an effort to find the simplest and most versatile glyph.



Quirky, playful, adventurous

I created all of the illustrations from simple, basic shapes using primarly rectangles, circles, and lines. The rounded edges and vivid colors were chosen to be friendly and approachable. When creating landscape assets, it was important that the background were rich with visuals. Since the character was going to simply repeat a walking cycle throughout, I need to provide plentiful opportunity for secondary actions which would make the piece engaging.

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